Private dentist Åke Parmlid directing towards prosthetics

Dr. Åke Parmlid

Private dentist directing towards prosthetics and esthetical dentistry.

Member of:

Åke has held more than 800 seminars to dentists and dental technicians around the world, with 100 clinical courses held in his own office. Åke has created 4 professional instruction films about gold and porcelain techniques. These films have won awards world wide.

Åke has made over 25.000 units of crowns and bridges which makes him one of the most experienced dentists in Sweden and in the world.

Since 1985 Åke has made about 3000 implants. He does the surgery as well as the prosthetic work with the help from his full time dental technicians, who have worked with Åke for more than 25 years.

Years of experience have made Team Dr. Åke Parmlid able to fulfill the patient’s high expectations of prosthetic work when it comes to esthetics, functioning and strengths.

At the moment Åke prefers to work with the Astra Implant which is a high-quality implant with a special shape and a structural surface that results in excellent bone healing. In the end this results in healthy gums and excellent esthetics.

Åke Parmlid has designed a set of diamond drills under the name of Parmax. He also invented the soft impression pins along with the Paramax Instrument that has simplified the pin-ledge technique for bridge work.

The American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry was formed in 1975 and has about 100 members from throughout the United States and 10 other countries. Sweden contributes with 2 members. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois the group is governed by an Executive Council.

Academy members are truly the elite professionals of this field and are internationally known for their work. Membership is offered by invitation only, and the Bylaws restrict the growth of the Academy's membership in order to maintain the highest levels of excellence.

Åke lecturing at a seminar in Moscow 1986.



Paramax Instrument with accessories.