Esthetic dentist Åke Parmlid offers dental care at the highest level

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Dr. Åke Parmlid, Esthetic Dentist!

A beautiful smile means so much...

Here at the Parmlid Institute we offer dental care at the highest possible level. We strive to establish the gentlest treatment possible with the patient in focus. We work with a long-term plan in mind while taking the whole picture into consideration. This includes preventive as well as repair work.

Quality to us means to always reach the highest level of oral health and esthetic. An example of this is that we make our own crowns and bridges in gold and porcelain here at the institute with our own in-house technicians. Having everything done right here gives us the opportunity to make changes right away instead of having the work delayed. It also makes it possible to fine tune the shape, color and brightness of the tooth immediately.

This young patient has had a
front tooth replaced by a pin ledge bridge.

Innovative new porcelain!

Through the new neutral and intensively opalescent porcelain without pigment, we have obtained a material that looks and feels like the real enamel of the tooth. The light bends when it goes through the crystals of the translucent material. This creates a dynamic vitality of the crown similar to that of the natural tooth.

Sinuslift with bonegroth makes it possible to install implants in sinus.

For the moment we prefer to work with Astra implant that gives excellent result.

This patient has been treated with the new intensively fluorescent and opalescent porcelain. Hereby colors and shades of colors which are similar to natural teeth are created. The brightness of the teeth has been made to match the real ones in accordance with the patient’s own wishes.

Åke Parmlid with his assistant Marianne Effort.

Åke’s dental technicians, Bodil Carlund-Aldebo and Ulf Fernbratt.

Åke with his dental hygienists Yvonne Persson and Annika Johansson.