Linda Ö
Linda Ö: I strongly recommend Åke and his assistant. I visited several 
dentists before I met Åke and  because of his suggestions , I decided to 
use him for my treatment right away. I wanted 4 porcelain laminates and 
it was as important for me as for Åke, that the result became very 
natural looking. I have gotten many complements for my natural looking 
teeth and I am super happy with my new smile. 
I even have fear of dental care, although during my visits with Åke it 
disappeared,  I laughed many times.  I felt very secure and had complete 
trust in Åke and his assistant.  A great team!!

Eva M: I first visited Åke about 20 years ago. I have had no trouble
with the teeth since then. I just visited him again and was very well 
cared for. He is a very good listener and he really wants to make sure 
you are pleased when you leave. All credit to him and his assistant 
Marianne, who also gets the highest grade.

Bo A: I switched from my old dentist, whom I have had for many years. I 
wanted the very best dentist because I was going to make a large 
investment including implants and porcelain crowns, among other things. 
Åke and Marianne have given me a fantastic new appearance, as well as 
many pleasant visits. The truth is, no matter how strange that sounds,  
that I looked forward to each visit. If you are going to do major 
treatment  I truly recommend Åke Parmlid. My hygienist said that he is 
the best.  I concur



The Kolni Family
World class esthetic  dentistry. 
A professional  workmanship in a pleasant atmosphere. 
Thank you very much!
The Kolni Family

Linda Örnvinge
Porcelain veneer
I give the highest grade to Åke and his assistant Marianne, I am super 
happy with my 4 new Porcelain   veneers that are made with a fantastic 
natural appearance. I also give him the highest grade for his 
hospitality. I felt safe during my treatments and Åke is a very nice man, 
who has many fun stories to tell . He is fun to listen to, while you get 
your new natural looking teeth!

Excellent service.
Very capable and a nice dentist- team.

They fulfilled my high expectations without any compromises.

Thank you